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Triphala: Triphala supports bowel tone, muscular function, and contractibility of the intestinal wall, strengthening peristalsis and thereby supporting smooth digestion, assimilation and elimination. Triphala also helps maintain an appropriate balance of mucus lining the intestinal wall, preventing and clearing mucus buildup – which can hinder assimilation – and making sure a healthy layer remains, which soothes the digestive tract and buffers against strong digestive acids. While Triphala is not a laxative, it has provided many with healthy elimination support.

Elim I: Lifespa’s Elim I combines the Ayurvedic bowel-toning herb Triphala with demulcent herbs and a small amount of psyllium to support healthy movement of the bowels. Elim I works to soften and lubricate the mucus membranes of a dry intestinal tract while simultaneously strengthening the bowel muscles to effectively support waste moving out of the system. Long-term use of laxatives can desensitize the bowel, making it unresponsive. In contrast to laxatives, Elim I takes a multi-pronged approach to supporting healthy bowel movement, rather than relying solely on a stimulant effect.


Triphala is considered a great digestive tonic. It is a purgative laxative and colon cleanser that works similarly to senna. Interestingly, this combination of herbs also acts as a fibre bulk laxative and a demulcent, which is a more gentle and soft means of relieving constipation by bulking the stool and lubricating the digestive tract. Combining these two laxative effects means that Triphala is good for those with liver and gallbladder congestion and for those with constipation. It stimulates gallbladder function, which can help to flush out both the liver and gallbladder and also helps to promote better overall digestion.

Detoxifying and Antibacterial
In addition to it ability to act as a laxative, which allows the body to more effectively shed its own toxins, the herbs in Triphala are also alteratives, which means that they directly act to purify the blood. The herbs in Triphala have also been clinically proven to have antibacterial activity that is similar to a number of commonly used antibiotics. Thus, this herbal remedy can help to eliminate any low-grade bacterial infections in the body, particularly in the digestive tract. This can further help to normalize digestive function.

Triphala contains high levels of vitamin C and linoleic acid (an essential oil), so it can act as a nutritive tonic in addition to its laxative abilities. Thus, although it is stimulating to the digestive tract and promotes stool passage, it is also able to provide nutrition and tonify the body to prevent depletion from the process of detoxification.