Pre & Probiotic Formulations

BIOMYLZ PVT LTD offers a range of probiotic formulations, based well characterized and documented, high quality probiotic formulations specially isolated and studied for their probiotic characteristics, manufactured in accordance with latest cGMP norms applicable for the products and using the latest technologies.

The probiotic formulations are manufactured in State-of-the-Art manufacturing unit that has controlled Temperature & Humidity as per ICH ZONE IV norms.

These formulations are available for multiple indications and in various dosage forms suitable for the indicated target population, offering the customers and consumers a wide choice of products.

InnoCap technologyTM is a unique Probiotic Delivery System that works on the principle of two incompatibles packed together, physically separated and combined at the time of administration.InnoCap technologyTM is easy to administer and enhances consumer compliance in the management of disorders with Probiotic therapy.InnoCap technologyTM enables reaching viable & stable probiotic formulations from Factory to Family.

Products, Indication Areas & Dosage Forms

Product Name Dosage Form
Infectious Diarrhea &
BIOMYLZ PRO SB Sachet, InnoCap
BIOMYLZ PRO Restore Capsule, InnoCap
Capsule, InnoCap Sachet, InnoCap
Dosage Form BIOMYLZ PRO BC Capsule, InnoCap
Gut Health & Intestinal Balance BIOMYLZ PRO Balance Sachet, Capsule
Constipation BIOMYLZ PRO L Sachet
Infant & Child Health
BIOMYLZ PRO Kid+ Sachet, InnoCap
BIOMYLZ PRO Cal Sachet,InnoCap

Customized Blends & Formulation Development

Along with our standard blends, we also customized blends as per the client’s requirements. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and apply our expertise and understanding of these products to develop unique blends that are suitable for the target application.
As original probiotic manufacturers, BIOMYLZ PVT LTD can help in the development of variety of innovative probiotic formulas in a variety of dosage forms such as InnoCap, lozenges , Mouth melt and chewable, as well as traditional delivery forms like tablets, capsules and powders and packaging (Strip packing, bottle packing, Alu-Alu & Blister packs, sachets, sticks, etc.)

Allied Services

We offer a wide range of supporting services to enable our clients to travel the distance from concept to launching.

Contract Manufacturing & Private Labeling

We offer contract manufacturing and private labeling services for manufacturing the blends and finished dosage forms as per your requirements. These products are manufactured as per the latest cGMP guidelines and with help of our expert microbiologists, who can analyze the products and ensure standardized quality.

Method Development& Regulatory Support

Along with the contract manufacturing support we can also offer the services of our expert microbiologists and scientists, who can develop identification and enumeration methods required for testing of these products. We can also help our clients to develop product dossiers that are required for submission to the regulatory authorities, in India and abroad.
We offer a partnership with our clients to carry out clinical trials and other studies that will help in validating the health claims. Our technical team has the requisite knowledge and expertise to develop protocols for conducting animal model studies and clinical trials, as required.