For over a decade, we have worked tirelessly to explore Natural & Nature-similar health supplements that make life better. From the process development of energy-rich beverages to the manufacturing of the high values botanical extracts that are being referenced in pharmacopoeias, we have been pioneers behind breakthroughs against some of humanity’s most stubborn and devastating health ailments.

We bring this same determination to our work today, uniting our expertise with the creativity of research partners across the globe to keep finding ways to make life better. This determination starts in the Biomylz’s research facility where Biomylz employees work to discover new process for medicines, new formulation processes that will help solve our world’s greatest health challenges.

Approach to R & D

Our approach to research and development – Timely Valued Healthcare Ingredients underscores the importance of creating value for our stakeholders by accelerating the flow of active substances and specific formulations leading to improved customer outcomes. Whether it’s a compound we are developing the process on our own or through a partnership, our priority is getting affordable high quality material in a timely manner and formulating them to the specific health needs.

Internal R&D

We recognize the importance of investing in one of our most valuable assets top -class eminent researchers who are working tirelessly to research and develop potential active natural medicinal ingredient faster than ever before. We always strive to complement this work with the best research approach outside the company.


BIOMYLZ is proud to be a leader in Farmer-Ingredient processor-Industry partnerships and we are committed to bringing great minds together to help solve tough botanical & biotechnological challenges, accelerating breakthroughs for customers who need them, and increasing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of bringing new segment of natural active substances and their formulated products to customers. Collaboration can bring together a wealth of knowledge and build upon existing science. This new model of investment helps streamline the discovery and development of new cost effective substances in a way that can get affordable treatments to people faster.

We leverage our research and development expertise to deliver effective solutions in five main therapeutic areas: skin health, diabetic, neuroscience, pain, Muscular, general anti-infective, vital organ functioning and cardiovascular disease. Today, our pipeline is comprised of more than 20 phyto-therapeutic agents.

  • What we are working on?
  1. Pure natural food & beverage Ingredient Process development
  2. Natural botanical active substance process development
  3. Process Contract research
  4. Finished Dosage Formulation Development in solid, semisolid and liquid forms.
  • How we work? What Joint research activities?
  1. Solvent extraction setup
  2. Oral Solid formulation
  3. Liquid oral formulation
  4. Cosmetic formulation
  5. Health drink, Beverage formulation

Research activity at Biomylz

Botanical active Substance:

  1. Curcumin
  2. Garcinia
  3. Capsaicin
  4. CoQ10 (Ubidecaranone)
  5. Yohimbine HCl
  6. Coleus Forscohlli
  7. Phyto-flavonoids
  8. Phyto-steroids

Herbal Extract Research output:

  1. Green tea - EGCG
  2. Green Coffee Bean Extract - Chlorogenic Acid
  3. Centella Asiatica - Asiaticoside
  4. Pomogranate extract
  5. Fenugreek - 4HIL
  6. Garcinia - HCA
  7. Morinda Citrifolia - Morindin
  8. Tribulus Terrestris -Protodioscin
  9. Horse Chest nut - Aescin
  10. Kalamegha-  (Androgapholides)
  11. Tulsi - (Ursolic Acid)
  12. Neem - Azadirectin
  13. Amla - Gallic Acid
  14. Ginger - Gingerol
  15. Cinnamon
  16. Aloe Vera
  17. Garlic - Allicin/Allein
  18. Gymnema – Gymnemic Acid
  19. Bitter Guard – Charantine
  20. Sennoside
  21. Ashwagandha (Withanolides)

As part of the development process for active substances of both natural & synthetic origin, Biomylz and our partners sponsor clinical & toxicology studies to help determine safety and efficacy of health supplements; and with the intent of learning more about treatment options, disease states, diagnostics, and other associated issues that contribute to the health and well-being of consumers.

Research activity is in progress at affiliated University. We are also open to collaborate on multiple scientific areas of interest, scientific partnerships, Industry academia collaborations.

R&D Location

With research headquarters in Biomylz’s site at Bangalore, India, we are committed to fulfilling unmet needs of consumers around the world, focusing our core R&D efforts in the Herbaceutical areas.