Innovation, naturally..!!

What do we do?

The Biomylz Group is the partner of the beauty, health and well-being industries. It develops and manufactures products of Natural Ingredients and skin care products from plants

Who are we?

The Biomylz Group is a company whose current President Mr. Narayan Reddy founded the company in 2017 comprising 5 directors. Being a company on a human scale, we are able to be flexible and responsive. Our company is internationally focused and we export our know-how to around twenty countries.

How are we organised?

TThe Biomylz Group is organised on site in Bangalore:

  • A Business Development team in different part of India
  • A formulation R&D centre and a manufacturing site near Bangalore, India of which Mr. Narayan Reddy is the honorary president.
  • What are our products and services?

  • The Biomylz Group sells a full range of standard
  • or customised ingredients and finished products.
  • We offer a full service with exclusive and Ă  la carte solutions.
  • From the seed to the final product, your projects are taken care of by our multi-disciplinary teams of targeted experts.
  • Who are our partners-customers?

    The Biomylz Group has a large number of potential customers including large international groups and Food sector companies. We are proud to have helped a certain number of entrepreneurs to succeed.

    What is our added value?

    The Biomylz Group sells products and services and, in addition, offers a set of values.

  • Decades of expertise and know-how
  • Innovation and creativity in our products and industrial processes
  • A commitment to be eco-responsible, from selecting the plants through to production
  • Quality acknowledged by certificates; full traceability and a Made in India guarantee
  • Consumer safety
  • What are the direct benefits for our customers?

    TMutually rewarding business opportunities for our collaborators and distributors.

  • Complete expertise: ingredients and formulated products
  • Customized, turnkey and exclusive services
  • Unique technology: InnoCap for concentrated standardized extracts titrated in active molecules
  • Development of natural, sensory alternatives to synthetic ingredients
  • C.S.R. (Corporate Social Responsibility) partner, from eco-conception to eco-responsibility
  • What are our expectation from distributors and collaborators?

    Able to sell products on the quality parameter instead of the price parameter

  • Pragmatic and entrepreneurial with aggressive sales
  • Financially-sound entity
  • Vast experience with target channels, such as healthcare professional , Health professionals, doctors, pharmacy, supermarkets, online shoppe, network marketing, health food stores, nursing homes, drug stores, chain stores, and hospital chains.
  • Sales commitment of Biomylz products in agreed channels
  • What are the benefits to our distributors and collaborators?

    Able to sell products on the quality parameter instead of the price parameter

  • We provide full Product Knowledge with the assistance of our widely-researched Product Management Team
  • Financially-sound entity
  • We supplement product knowledge with the help of referrals such as Leave Behind Literatures, Visual Aids, Segment Cards, etc. We are also open to customization as per our distributors’ requests.
  • The exposure and insights that our distributors get in terms of product customization and marketing strategies are unmatchable to any other wellness marketing company.
  • Contract manufacturing is one of our core competencies. Our large manufacturing network empowers us to manufacture novel products every day.
  • Providing incentives and sponsorships to our distributors are part and parcel of our motivational strategies.