Corporate Social Responsibility : a historical commitment

As the partner of beauty, health and well-being industries, Biomylz uses plants to produce extracts and skin care products. Since its creation, the company's policy driven by President Mr. Narayan Reddy is based on a founding commitment: respect for man and the planet

Respect for resources and economic sustainability

Conscious of drawing its raw materials from biodiversity and water from the environment, the company is intent on preserving its ecological capital, inherent to its growth. In transparent, sustained and close collaboration with its stakeholders, the company is actively contributing to its region's economic performance.

An eco-responsible approach from plant seed to end product

Every manufacturing step incorporates eco-responsibility : traceability of supplies whilst privileging local crops, water- and energy-saving processes, waste recycling and recovery, carbon footprint tracking and more.

CSR driving innovation

Our research is focused, in particular on the continuous improvement of clean technologies that respect the environment. Another focus is the replacement of petrochemical derivatives with alternative, natural and biodegradable ingredients.

Individual and collective involvement

This company believes growth with its employees; they make up its rich capital. The management is committed to their involvement in the organization and its strategic directions. Launched in 2017 with everyone's support and participation, the corporate project led to the collective creation of a charter of proficiency values and relational values. The company pledges to respect people, promote equal opportunities and skills development.

Biomylz draws its prowess in innovation from the integration of these CSR challenges in the corporate strategy. The company's performance and expertise are at the service of product quality and safety, with the key objective of consumer satisfaction.

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