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Biomylz is a pioneer Nutraceutical & Phyto-Pharmaceutical company in India, head quartered in Bangalore, which adopts the concept of natural healing by enhancing the body’s own healing forces using natural remedies from herbal extracts, dietary supplements and phyto-molecular medicine. We are the manufacturer & marketers of premium & innovative dietary supplement products from India.

In the process of all illnesses there are energetic and biochemical imbalances either in the form of deficiencies of vital substances or accumulation of harmful metabolites, which in turn disrupt the health state of the human being. Biomylz products are aiming to heal the whole person rather than just suppressing the symptoms of diseases, in accordance with this principle Biomylz is manufacturing its whole range of products to offer a more comprehensive natural method of treatment for a variety of diseases through regaining the balance of the human being as a whole.

This holistic approach of Biomylz is the keystone of the new uprising revolution in the field of medicine. In response to World Health Organisation (WHO) declarations, Biomylz supports the concept of Holistic and Integrative Medicine that combines the benefits from conventional medicine as well as, well documented Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) according to the regulations of World Health Organization on CAM. In cooperation with Indian Universities and international scientific centres, Biomylz has conducted researches in the field of natural remedies as a part of holistic medicine therapies. 

To be the best Innovative nutraceutical manufactures in India…!

Probiotics, prebiotics and Gut health experts: Biomylz is focussed to be one of the best Gut-similar health promoter companies in India. We are headquartered in Bangalore - the silicon capital & green city of India. Its growing presence in global communities has boosted us to be proud innovative manufacturer and marketers of natural healthcare products.
Biomylz believes in the power of healthy symbiotic probiotics, clinically evaluated anti-oxidants, which have become the necessities of today. Modern lifestyles have made people vulnerable to unhealthy food habits and excessive stress. Anti-oxidants are the best supplements to negate the harmful effects of these unavoidable circumstances.

To collaborate and work with nutraceutical industry counterparts:

 The nutraceutical products manufactured and marketed by Biomylz are carefully formulated to comply with health needs. They are composed of ingredients that are their rich sources. This makes your partner Biomylz a flourishing Innovative phyto-therapeutic company in India.

Leveraging on its rich domain expertise, Biomylz is increasing its momentum to carve a niche for itself in the wellness industry. You will be rest assured that its products are one-of-a-kind and best-in-class. We at Biomylz set high standards for ourselves, which reflect in our wide range of nutraceutical products.

This range of nutraceuticals cater to every aspect of healthcare. We are constantly seeking to expand our horizons and exploring new business opportunities. We are open to every health product distributors that offers fruitful business tie-ups.

Innovation, naturally..!!

What do we do?

The Biomylz Group is the partner of the beauty, health and well-being industries. It develops and manufactures products of Natural Ingredients and skin care products from plants.

Who are we?

The Biomylz Group is a company whose current President Mr. Narayan Reddy founded the company in 2017 comprising 5 directors. Being a company on a human scale, we are able to be flexible and responsive. Our company is internationally focused and we export our know-how to around twenty countries.

How are we organised?

The Biomylz Group is organised on site in Bangalore:

  • A Business Development team in different part of India
  • A formulation R&D centre and a manufacturing site near Bangalore, India of which Mr. Narayan Reddy is the honorary president.

What are our products and services?

The Biomylz Group sells a full range of standard 
or customised ingredients and finished products.
We offer a full service with exclusive and à la carte solutions.
From the seed to the final product, your projects are taken care of by our multi-disciplinary teams of targeted experts.

Who are our partners-customers?

The Biomylz Group has a large number of potential customers including large international groups and Food sector companies. We are proud to have helped a certain number of entrepreneurs to succeed.

What is our added value?

The Biomylz Group sells products and services and, in addition, offers a set of values.

5 skill values

  • Decades of expertise and know-how
  • Innovation and creativity in our products and industrial processes
  • A commitment to be eco-responsible, from selecting
    the plants through to production
  • Quality acknowledged by certificates; full traceability
    and a Made in India guarantee
  • Consumer safety

What are the direct benefits for our customers?

  • Mutually rewarding business opportunities for our collaborators and distributors.
  • Complete expertise: ingredients and formulated products
  • Customized, turnkey and exclusive services
  • Unique technology: InnoCap
    for concentrated standardized extracts titrated in active molecules
  • Development of natural, sensory alternatives to synthetic ingredients
  • C.S.R. (Corporate Social Responsibility) partner,
    from eco-conception to eco-responsibility

What are our expectation from distributors and collaborators?

  • Able to sell products on the quality parameter instead of the price parameter
  • Pragmatic and entrepreneurial with aggressive sales
  • Financially-sound entity
  • Vast experience with target channels, such as healthcare professional , Health professionals, doctors, pharmacy, supermarkets, online shoppe, network marketing, health food stores, nursing homes, drug stores, chain stores, and hospital chains.
  • Sales commitment of Biomylz products in agreed channels

What are the benefits to our distributors and collaborators?

  • Able to sell products on the quality parameter instead of the price parameter
  • We provide full Product Knowledge with the assistance of our widely-researched Product Management Team
  • We supplement product knowledge with the help of referrals such as Leave Behind Literatures, Visual Aids, Segment Cards, etc. We are also open to customization as per our distributors’ requests.
  • The exposure and insights that our distributors get in terms of product customization and marketing strategies are unmatchable to any other wellness marketing company.
  • Contract manufacturing is one of our core competencies. Our large manufacturing network empowers us to manufacture novel products every day.
  • Providing incentives and sponsorships to our distributors are part and parcel of our motivational strategies.

Corporate Social Responsibility : a historical commitment

As the partner of beauty, health and well-being industries, Biomylz uses plants to produce extracts and skin care products. Since its creation, the company's policy driven by President Mr. Narayan Reddy is based on a founding commitment: respect for man and the planet.

Respect for resources and economic sustainability

Conscious of drawing its raw materials from biodiversity and water from the environment, the company is intent on preserving its ecological capital, inherent to its growth. In transparent, sustained and close collaboration with its stakeholders, the company is actively contributing to its region's economic performance.

An eco-responsible approach from plant seed to end product

Every manufacturing step incorporates eco-responsibility : traceability of supplies whilst privileging local crops, water- and energy-saving processes, waste recycling and recovery, carbon footprint tracking and more.

CSR driving innovation

Our research is focused, in particular on the continuous improvement of clean technologies that respect the environment. Another focus is the replacement of petrochemical derivatives with alternative, natural and biodegradable ingredients.

Individual and collective involvement

This company believes growth with its employees; they make up its rich capital. The management is committed to their involvement in the organization and its strategic directions. Launched in 2017 with everyone's support and participation, the corporate project led to the collective creation of a charter of proficiency values and relational values. The company pledges to respect people, promote equal opportunities and skills development.

Biomylz draws its prowess in innovation from the integration of these CSR challenges in the corporate strategy. The company's performance and expertise are at the service of product quality and safety, with the key objective of consumer satisfaction.

Your Advantage:

Your breakthrough treatment is an unorthodox alternative medicine. It has many advantages:

1. Treatment is natural; therefore, it is relatively affordable.

2. It is non-toxic with no ill side effects.

3. No need to treat possible side effects.

4. Patients are cured in a natural way! No more suffering or death!

5. Because patients are cured, they no longer have to keep returning for treatment like they would if it were left to the medical / pharmaceutical approach who only treat the symptoms (most patients have to keep returning for the rest of their lives) and are only given temporary relief.

6. Think of how the money saved from this affordable alternative cure could be put to good use. What about including this treatment for individuals with low income, those in developing countries, educational programs and publicity campaigns to spread the word?

Your health and satisfaction with our site are of equal importance to us!

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We offer a 100% no quibble money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any of our products that you have purchased from us, we will give you a 100% refund (excluding delivery charge and gift-wrapping where appropriate).

We offer a 100% no quibble money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any of our products that you have purchased from us, we will give you a 100% refund (excluding delivery charge and gift-wrapping where appropriate).

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No. We do not refund users for postage expense of the returning the goods.

We offer a 100% no quibble money back guaranty. If you are not satisfied with any of our products that you have purchased from us, we will give you a 100% refund (excluding delivery charge and gift-wrapping where appropriate).

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