Frequent changes in the environment, especially rise in pollution, can result into a number of chronic health problems. If prevention is taken beforehand in a natural way along the healthier miles, each of these issues can be delayed. Or even bypassed.


The modern world is a witness to changing lifestyles. Speeding communities have led to irregular and incorrect food habits, topped with increasing stress and limited exercise. Such unhealthy practices close, all means of preventing diseases.


Population, especially the population in developing countries, is forever on the rise in addition to urbanized food habits. The pace of food cultivation cannot match up with that of population explosion. This leads to a compromise on the quality of food produce.

Welcome to Biomylz

Biomylz is teaming to be one of the upcoming nutraceutical companies in India, headquartered in Bangalore. Founded as manufacturer and marketers of premium dietary supplement products from India, manufactures and markets an array of natural medicines and healthcare products of superior quality for effective causal treatment combined with maximum tolerability.

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